How can small businesses collect digital payments without a website?

Consumers are drifting away from cash and looking for more contactless and convenient payment options. Contactless payments have already gained momentum in major cities across the world, especially because of the pandemic. Most consumers expect a safe and seamless customer experience. When it comes to accepting digital payments, it becomes important to offer a variety of options and make the process more convenient for customers.

More than 25 billion real-time transactions were processed in India in 2020 and the number of real-time digital transactions is expected to grow. It is critical for small businesses to leverage and offer more digital payment options to their customers. Often, small businesses lack resources and don’t invest in a website in the beginning. Here, we will brief you about some of the ways you can accept online transactions and that too without a website.

Offer a much more seamless experience to your customers and accept digital payments effortlessly without building a website:

1. Accept payments with QR codes

QR codes are one of the easiest ways to accept contactless payments conveniently. The customer will only have to scan the merchant QR code in order to complete the transaction. At a click of a button, the customers can complete the transactions. You can easily share the QR code either online: Email / Whatsapp / Facebook etc or offline: Physical QR sticker which is handy.

2. Send payment links to your customers

Now, you can also collect payments by just sending payment links to your customers. You can send payment links to your customers via email, messenger, SMS, or chatbot. Once you enter the contact details of the customers, they will receive a real-time notification. The customer can process the payment by clicking on the link. Payswiff App and its user-friendly card swipe machines allow you to enable real-time transactions via SMS pay.

3. Accept payments with Tap to Phone technology

Tap to Phone is an innovative and cost-effective solution that allows merchants to enable real-time transactions. There is no additional hardware required to process the payments. One can turn their NFC-enabled smartphone device into a payment device to accept digital payments more securely. Tap2Phone by Payswiff is an innovative technology that will allow merchants to use their NFC-enabled smartphone devices to accept real-time transactions.

4. Accept payments with a powerful Card Swipe Machine

Card Swipe Machine(s) are handy, lightweight, and easy to carry. Be it a restaurant, coffee shop, or home delivery service, one can carry a POS and accept digital payments seamlessly. Android POS even allows merchants to track their inventories and store the data.

5. Accept payments with UPI

UPI or Unified Payments Service is an instant payment service developed by the National Payments Corporation of India. UPI-based digital payment applications allow small businesses to enable real-time payments conveniently. These applications even eliminate the need to enter bank details or any other sensitive information to proceed with the transactions.

Aren’t these effective ways to accept digital payments timely? You don’t even need a website to process the transactions and accept payments securely. At Payswiff, we understand the relevance of digitization in the business world. We offer omnichannel solutions that allow businesses to accept real-time digital payments conveniently. Switch to Payswiff and offer your customers a seamless experience.

You can download our Payswiff SET app from Playstore & App store to seamlessly accept payments.

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