Customer Service : An important aspect of business

India – the great nation with its varied minds, language and cultures has one common expectation – fundamental happiness. The happiness does not essentially come from high-rise buildings, nor does it come from absolute luxuries. The core Indian kind of happiness is built upon relationships.

Think of the grocery store owner in your neighborhood. You may call him Gupta Ji or Sarkar Dada or Ahmed Bhai or Krishnan Anna or Gokhle Bhau. Whatever the name is, you must have created a strong bonding with him; and why not? This guy who you regularly interact with, more than once or twice a day, has always been smiling while handing over the groceries to you. Over the years both of you might have shared the nitty-gritties of your lives, about your family, job, sports, and politics. More than his successful neighborhood business, your relationship with him has kept him going with an ear-to-ear smile every time he meets you.

What Keeps Payswiff Going?

When and if someone asks this, we can proudly say that our relationship with the merchants is the prime reason that keeps us strongly performing in the market. We are committed to bringing happiness to their day-to-day life easing the process of their business.

Digital Payment and Its Service Implementation

Digital payment system has already brought epoch-making change in the arena of transaction causing a steady rise in daily transaction thus ensuring exponential growth in the business.

After successful implementation of digital payment system, maintaining flawless technology to give the best user experience and providing the users with the best after sales service has been a priority for every single brand, especially the fintech ones.

Over the years, fintech firms have been evolving their support mechanism. So, what are the best practices in customer support in today’s time?

Multilingual Support:

One of the strongest mechanisms has been providing support and service to the customers in their own language. India is a nation with a lot of diversities. So, everyone loves to receive service in the language he or she speaks. Nowadays, if a firm is retreating from providing customer support in state-wise Indian languages, the firm will automatically lag because in today’s time, when the digital space has filled the vacuum of remote communication, people from the most remote areas of our country do not communicate in the popular practices through English and Hindi. They, any day, prefer their mother tongue. So, customer support in different Indian vernaculars is one of the best practices a firm should implement today.

Chat-Bot Implementation

AI has become an integral part in the new age support system. One of the finest solutions of machine learning has been chat bot. It is a predesigned application that is used to simulate conversation with human users closely predicting their queries and concerns. The global chatbot market size was worth USD 526 million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 3619 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 25.2%.

Such rapid growth is only possible as most of the service providers around the world have determined to imbibe the usage of chatbot for providing better service to the users. Chatbots does not only speeds up responses, but also helps the backend users accumulate response data more prominently. So, the folly of losing data is eradicated. Moreover, when a user gets quick response, a quick connection is also established that helps the service provider create a strong relationship with the user ahead.

Prompt Action

More than the technological interventions and lingual personalization, a user expects the fastest action against any grievance or query raised by him or her. A support team of any service provider must take this point as a top-notch priority. The support team should be developed in such a way that it comprises people with

  • Empathy so that they can truly understand a problem their customer is going through
  • Patience that will help them listen to their customers minutely
  • Decisive so that depending on the customers’ issues, they can provide the best possible solution without being confused
  • Well spoken – this is indeed the fundamental criteria of a support team. When they can speak well, with high confidence, empathy, and patience, they can easily gain the confidence of the customers.

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