With the changing environment & digitalization that is evolving towards cashless society, merchants who accept digital payment are the fundamental responders to the change. Trying to regularly monitor these payments is necessary, but it can be very tedious and time-consuming, particularly during rush hour. With the SoundBox, merchants will be able to receive a voice confirmation of the payment after each successful UPI transaction. Problem solved!

The SoundBox will assist and guide merchants in operating in this modern world of cashless transactions. Each confirmed UPI payment prompts a voice notice from the Soundbox. This makes it possible for them to run their businesses effortlessly. This incredible voice notification system for payments takes care of all the problems that come with retail rushes, customer scamming, and other issues, making it a seamless process.

Payment Through Voice Can Be Notified

Although not that widespread, fake transactions are still very much a possibility. Instead of having to wait for the transaction confirmation text on the merchant’s device, customers frequently display to the retailer the payment confirmation message they have received on their phones. This can perhaps lead to instances where the customer shows an old or phoney notification, yet it appears persuasive enough for the merchant to conclude that he has, in fact, got the payment and can easily be scammed.

With SoundBox, merchants receive real-time confirmation of transactions, which avoids any risk of missed transaction & collection of payment.

Why choose SoundBox?

  • It accepts payments from any of the UPI apps and gives an immediate alert when a transaction is made successfully.
  • The threat of missing payment collection by a customer is completely removed since merchants are instantly notified after each successful transaction.
  • It is multilingual! This feature enables them to hear the audio payment confirmation in their own language.
  • It is SIM-enabled. The SoundBox already comes with a SIM card. Merchants, on the other hand, may use their own SIM cards as per their convenience. Latest 4G SIM availability.

It’s easy to operate as well!

The SoundBox is SIM card enabled and supports 9 Indian languages (2 languages accommodative), so that the merchant can hear the “Sound of Money” in their preferred language. A loud and clear voice payment confirmation is heard whenever a customer completes a successful transaction by scanning the QR code.

Sound can be facilitated to merchants now

The SoundBox is crucial for digital payments as a reliable and secure means of transaction, boosting firms’ and consumers’ confidence in moving digitally. Merchants don’t have to constantly look at their phones to verify every transaction anymore with this IoT-based gadget, which helps to enhance productivity significantly. This real-time voice payment confirmation assists merchants in maintaining a record of all transactions and easy to operate.

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