Managing COVID Pandemic challenges

We have certainly not imagined the challenges that COVID-19 has on us. The uncertainty has crushed the economy, employees are in stressful situations, and we, the HR team, are trying our best to keep everything in perspective and aligned. Do you think it is easy?

Sudden shift in work culture has brought new challenges and our top priority is how to engage associates, focus on goals, productivity and keep up their morale high.

So we ideated, implemented initiatives and focused on following areas:

Mental Health and Wellbeing: We conducted pulse surveys to understand the mental wellbeing, flexibility, challenges and put into practise all the takeaways and organised stress management programs.

Managing Remote work: To provide employees with the right tools, assets and also gather real-time updates from them from time to time to straighten out and offer support, so that overall productivity will be maintained.

Employee Communication & Engagement: Organizing various forums to hear from associates regarding feedbacks, concerns, ideas through Town Hall, HR Connect, Skip level, etc.. and timely communicating the org wide initiatives, updates through multiple mediums Newsletter, Mails, Webinars and recently by Slack with this making sure that all our communication reaches to every remote associates across india. Also Engaging associates in all dimensions such as with knowledge (by sharing industry updates, product training), fun (Quiz, festive celebrations), rewarding and motivating the talents.

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