How to Choose a Card Swiping Machine for Your Business?

Gone are those days when cash was the dominant mode of payment. Merchants across the nation know the cruciality to instal the Swiping machine be it and simple POS Machine or a Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS). Digital is becoming the new payment instrument. Businesses can boost their sales by investing in a card swiping machine and extend convenient payment option to the customers. Customers no more want to listen “Sorry we don’t accept cards.” In an increasingly fast-paced world, where the future is ready to witness a cashless society, it has become vital that all the business should be able to accept cards. Be it any type and size of business, it’s pretty sure that you can’t afford to lose a customer.

Now comes the next question. How to choose a card swiping machine that would best pick your business needs? We will certainly guide you on how to choose the best card swiping machine for your business in India. But before going there, let’s discuss the critical features you need to consider before you choose the best available option.

Factors to Consider to Pick a Card Swiping Machine for Your Business

Card Acceptance Range

Before investing in a card swiping machine, it is essential for you to understand the range of cards it accepts for payments. What’s the point in buying a card swipe machine that accepts just two or three cards option?  Try to get a solution that accepts the maximum range of payments with minimum effort. The card swiping machine should be able to receive payments with Mastercard, Visa, American Express and RuPay.


While picking a card swiping machine, security should be given utmost priority, as no matter what you can’t compromise on your customer’s data. Shortlist and finalise on a card swiping machine that encrypts the transaction details. Ensure to the card swiping machine you finalise is either PCI and EMV compliant.

PCI and EMV- payswiff

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The main reason why you might avoid a card swiping machine is the documentation process involved. Pick a card swiping machine service provider who offers minimal documentation and least authentication period time.  To quickly get started avoid lengthier application process and waiting time.


Connectivity is another utmost important factor you should consider to give a hassle-free and uninterrupted service to your customer. If you don’t have a device with strong connectivity via Wi-Fi, GPRS and Bluetooth transaction cannot be made quick, easy or even possible. It should work even on a 2G connection.


Who doesn’t want to buy the best with least price? Well, you sure can get that while obtaining the best card swiping machine for your business. Swiping device offers a different range of charges as installation, monthly, annually or per minimal card fees and so. Understand what are your business requirements and accordingly choose the facility-based Swiping machine available with least charges applicable. Look for a service provider who offers different packages with the same device but You can choose the one which suits your business the best.

Settlement Process

Sure, you are making it easy for your customers by providing multiple payment options. But, it shouldn’t make it difficult for you to receive settlements. Opt for card swiping machine that offers an automatic settlement to your savings bank account. Additionally, there shouldn’t be any conditions to open any new account for transactions.


Again, any business is a customer-driven, and it is essential to provide payment options that they would want. By choosing a wireless card swiping machine, you are giving the customer the flexibility to use their card at their doorstep. Meaning, you can even carry a wireless swiping machine to accept payments on-the-go. Choose a card swiping machine with better battery life, and you can easily receive a maximum number of transactions from any place and any time.

Dedicated Customer Support

Before buying a swiping device make sure the service provider offers after sales support through their dedicated helpline which you can call anytime to resolve your queries. Also check out the support platforms available like email, in-app. Lastly, find out do you need to pay for all such additional support.

Ability to Print and/or Send e-Receipts

After the transaction is processed, you should be able to print and/or send e-receipts to your customer via your card swiping machine. It can be used to keep a track of the transaction and for future reference. If the customer doesn’t want a printed copy, you may send them an e-receipt on their mobile number.

Self Service Portal

Another most important factor you should consider is the Merchant self-service portal on which you can log in and check the transaction history and other records. It will make it convenient for you to keep track of your transactions without having you to depend on any third-party software.

Additional Features

A card swiping service provider that goes above and beyond merely offering a device to accept card payments is always the best one. Look for a device that provides advanced and most preferable features such as – tracking transactions in the merchant self-service portal, POS which can be integrated with your existing billing & accounting software to make the checkout experience faster for your customers. Additionally, find out if you can customise the features as per your business requirement.

You are All Set…

Every business is unique and has its own set of requirements. We hope that the above common factors offer an answer to all leading question based on selecting a card swiping machine. You are now ready to start with all leading knowledge.

How can Payswiff Help?

Payswiff attempts in providing fast and convenient transaction experience. Payswiff POS and mPOS devices are highly secured, easy to set up with multiple payment options. We thrive to make it easy for you to provide an extraordinary digital transactional experience to your customers. Check out our products range to know more about their offerings. We are always excited to help you run and grow their business.

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