Top 5 Limitations of Relying on a Traditional Cash Register

Traditional or Modern: Which One to Choose?

Planning to start your own business or looking to improvise the existing one? One area you simply can’t miss out is the invoicing and billing systems to ring up your sales. Some small businesses are not well equipped with any kind of system that helps in accepting orders, process invoices, payments.

5 Limitations of Using traditional cash register

1. Occupies Space: Cash registers are bulky and they can be placed only on the counter to be plugged in. They are not easy to move and cannot be locked securely.

2. Time Consuming: For some cash registers, USB drive needs to be used to transfer data to desktop. Also, for entering the menu, the owner needs to send the menu list, when ordering through the cash register, the seller will then encode it and provide the register. For a new item, again it needs to be encoded by the seller, which is a lengthy process and time consuming.

3. Data Loss: If the machine starts malfunctioning chances are you can lose data stored in it. Temporarily, malfunctions can happen with power outages resulting to loss of productivity during that time. Even, the battery doesn’t allow it to function for longer duration.

4. Bugbear for Customers: Customers sometimes save their receipts for days or even weeks for record purpose. If there is a problem with their purchase, which sometimes can be a bugbear for many customers, who dislike the tiny pieces of paper.

5. Maintenance Costs: When the registers malfunction and need to be repaired, it affects the billing process. Some cash registers are made of metal and at times users have experienced electric shock.

Whichever business you’re into, it literally pays to ask – Am I using the best system to process sales for my business. If the answer is cash register, then it is equivalent to a NO.

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