The Influence, Reach and Benefits of a Simple Smile by Tharun

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” —Thich Nhat Hanh.

Why did the Mona Lisa painting become one of the most famous paintings of all time? That’s a question striking the minds of an incredible amount of people. And the answer is: because of her unique smile.

Researchers suggest that 95% of the effective communication is non-verbal. We are impacted more by actions than words.

A smile is the most common positive action, which transmits positive vibes and bespeaks an inner ‘richness’. It is the universal language that can be used anywhere.

Nothing embellishes a human face as the pleasant marks of an oft-worn smile do. But, sadly in this modern era with the intrusion of competition as to attain success, we have lost our inner happiness.

Annoyingly, we are so bogged down in our busy schedule, that we rarely get a chance to smile. To be harsher, we don’t even smile back to someone who is smiling at us. In fact, we avoid making an eye contact.

But, Why? A smile does not cost us anything. Is laughter the best medicine?

Yes Indeed! A simple natural smile without any expectation from other person, is a stepping stone for making a new start, ending up a fight, relieving stress, building friendly relations, bringing new opportunities, curing diseases and many more.

The moment we start smiling at everyone, trust me, it will make wonders and life will become so beautiful.

My dear friends spread your smile everywhere, whether it’s your personal space or professional environment.

Imagine a person has come for an interview to an office. He is sitting at the reception and every person who is passing by, greets him/her with a smile. Firstly, he will feel comfortable, will unleash nervousness, become confident and these all will inculcate a great impression about the company.

What if you do a blunder in your work and you are extremely panic stricken, but, your boss or colleague smiles at you and says “Don’t worry! It happens.”. For sure you will be so relieved, that a vibrant energy will boost up, making you more cautious and responsible.


For the perks who believe too much in science, here are a few scientific reasons to smile:

1. When we smile enough, we end up rewiring our brains to make positive patterns more often than negative ones.

2. Smiling releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers and the more endorphins our brain releases, the more our body can fight off symptoms of illness.

3. A 2013 study found that those who were happier had a more comprehensive approach to problems, improving their ability to find more solutions to problems or situations.

4. On average smiling makes us look 2 years younger.

Sometimes, I think, every organization should build a culture of smiling at each other at least in office 😊.

This approach will be worthy enough because smiling people are more happy, healthy, and productive. And happiness is the key to success!

A smile happens in a flash, but, it’s memories sometimes are cherished forever. It cannot be begged, borrowed or stolen, for it is something that is effective only when it is given away.

So, try it, explore for yourself!

And guys please look at me, I am waiting to smile at you. Do share the wonders happened to you with a simple smile.

Keep smiling. Good day 🙂

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